November 27, 2014

Why A Slave Serves

Here is an email I received from a slave that she wrote to a dom/master when asked about her service.  I believe her words really capture the essence of what is at the core of a slave and why she has a need to serve.

Please give it a read since I feel it is one of the best summations of this I ever came across.

The greatest treasure of all is to serve. But in order to actually serve with love and dedication as a sub/slave should, we need to understand why it is we desire to do so. 
You wished to know how it feels on the slaves side. I will do my best to accurately describe it from my perception but it is difficult to explain Sir, if you have never served another in such a true manner. However, I would have to say you actually hit upon the core basis of it when you wrote, “…all her worries gone, happy, feeling full…” . The act of giving or serving brings me the greatest sense of satisfaction and purifies the mind. It’s knowing that thru my gift, I accomplished something that brought someone else joy, happiness or pleasure. For a true slave or submissive, it is the focal point in our chosen lives, and keeps the core foundation of a D/s or M/s relationship strong.
I think as submissives, we engage ourselves in an activity that gives us a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of worth and approval. An incredibly high percentage of thoughts and behaviors are influenced by this core principle: the need for approval.
Not knowing the background of your childhood Sir, I will make this example generalized…do you recall as a young boy, when you did something your father was proud of…he would ruffle your hair or pat you on the back and say “good job son” or “well done boy”…do you remember how that made you feel?  Did you not want to do more or strived to be better at it, just to gain that acknowledgment and attention again? …that few seconds of shining in his eyes…?  A submissive’s desire or need to serve is much the same Sir.  We strive to please, to assure your happiness and pleasure, for that one moment of recognition and approval…to “shine in your eyes”. As humans, we need approval and recognition. We need to know that we are appreciated and noticed. Psychologist William James said that “the deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”  Most Dominants have a tendency to underestimate the power and importance of recognition. There is something deeply satisfying about thanking someone when it is clearly deserved, for both the Dominant, as well as the submissive.
Another point to ponder is the need for acceptance and belonging, which is the third level in the Maslow's hierarchy of needs/motivation. This plays a huge role in a sub/slaves desire to serve. We are social creatures and as such we need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance, whether it comes from a large social group, (i.e. clubs, groups, communities) or small social connections (i.e. family members, intimate partners, mentors, Dom/Masters, etc). We need to love and be loved (sexually & non-sexually) by others. Pure service is a sub/slaves way of expressing that love and devotion. We don’t do it for the physical or materialist rewards or out of fear of retribution. We do it because we need to feel it. Through our unselfish act of giving or serving, we are offering to the Dominant our soul and our heart. We are telling him that He is our world. The center of our focus. The reason for our being who and what we are. 
And from yet another side, my service to the Dominant and how well it was performed, and received, is a mirror of my sub/slave’s true soul.  If it was given or done half-heartedly and the Dominate is displeased, it is a direct injury and insult to my worth and disgraces who I am.  If given earnestly and wholeheartedly, and received with praise and approval, it is a reward in itself.  How I portray myself in my service reflects not only on my own self-worth and value as a sub/slave but on the reputation of the House/Master I serve and my level of pride and commitment to that House/Master.
There is no single reason more pronounced or stronger then another as to why true sub/slaves have a pure desire to serve, but together…love, honor, pride, approval, acceptance, commitment, belonging….they are incredibly powerful and why as subs/slaves, we strives to give all and be all that we are capable all times.


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