December 14, 2010

Society's Lies

Society is totally and completely full of shit. Everything you were taught is most likely a lie. All your training was done to simply make you a non-consensual slave. This is the plight that the masses suffer. Few, in a 'civilized' society amount to much more than that. The land of the free is an illusion for children.

It Doesn't Work

Why do I make these harsh statements? Simply because they are true. And the reason why I can state this so emphatically is because what society teaches does not work for the majority of the people. The general populous is chasing a pipedream which, if achieved, is untrue.

Think about some of the lessons you heard. Try this one on for size:

Go to school, get a good job, meet the right girl, get married, and live happily ever after.

Okay, where do I start with this mess. In the United States, at this moment, unemployment is hovering around 10% (officially-the unofficial number is really closer to 18%). That means there are a whole lot of people who went to school who are having trouble getting a good job. Thus, happily ever after is going to have to wait a while.

At the same time, we know the divorce rate is close to 60%. That means 6 in 10 marriages fail. While I will grant there are many 'repeat offenders' who can skew the numbers, there are also ones such as myself who never married. Ergo, we have another piece of the equation that is out the window. Getting married is not necessarily the path to happiness.

Madison Avenue

Of course, the above is just one example of how we are misled. Look at the propaganda put forth by Madison Avenue. Almost every commercial simply lies to you in some form. The basic tenet of most ads is that 'you need this product'. Well, I can emphatically tell you that you do not. The truth is that you will be okay even if you do not have that exotic automobile. You can get laid without spending huge sums on designer perfumes and cologne. Whatever they are selling you do not need.

The reason why they are effective is because people lack the esteem to make their own choices. Here is where we also see society's lies in action. What percentage of the population has a high enough level of esteem to be able to make choices for themselves? I would say a very small percentage. Most follow like blind seals; rarely questioning anything. The advertisers, religious zealots, and political figures all use this to their advantage. They know the masses are asleep.

Your Life

One of the grandest lies is that you exist for someone else (unless you choose that route). This outlook is deemed selfish by society which is a sure sign of conditioning. The fact is that your life is yours. You are free to spend your time on this planet as you see fit. If there is a particular path that you would like to follow, it is up to you to do that. However, those who supposedly love us will cast their judging eyes upon us. This is something that only a few can tolerate.

Our society is made up of a bunch of 'people pleasers'. It is a conglomerate of weak people who are lead around by those with the foresight and power to take control. Thoreau was correct in his assessment that most live 'lives of quiet desperation'. The need to be liked, fit in, or feel love is so great that we will do anything to please those around us. We lose the ability to say 'no' to the whims of others which means we are saying 'no' to life. Whenever our choices are unknowingly made in this manner, then we are slaves. This is not something that is consciously known, thus, being non-consent. History shows this is nothing new.

The Awakened Are Free

Those who wake up to the lies are free to live. The other day I wrote a post that dealt with the freedom of bdsm. Those who consciously choose the BDSM lifestyle are free for a simply reason: they broke from the mindset that society implemented and forged a direction based upon a decision they made. These people are no longer asleep.

BDSM is about truth. It is a way of life that allows one to select something that is not in the mainstream but will provide the happiness and fulfillment (an often overlooked quality in life) that many are seeking. Is this a path for everyone? Certainly not. However, for those who find they do not fit into the general equation that society presents, perhaps this is something to pursue.

I found that BDSM is not about living a lie but about living. It starts with respecting the concept that one is free to choose how her or she opts to structure life. While many will cast a negative opinion about one serving in the capacity of a slave, the fact is that if this is what makes one whole inside, then it is a perfectly acceptable choice. When one wants to live in such a manner, who are we to try and deter that person.

Individuals awaken before the masses. Throughout history we see individuals who took a stand against the mainstream mindset. Rosa Parks is one who comes to mind. Society is the one that planted bigoted beliefs in people's minds. Generations were taught to hate coloreds. They were also show how homosexuality was despicable. And, today, we see the same powers show their followers how 'infidels' need to be eliminated. Dogma can come from anywhere and blind adherence is, historically, the path to slavery.

Remember all the lies society told throughout the ages the next time you are confronted with an implanted belief. The odds are that it doesnt work in your life. Awaken and choose your own path.

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Domina Negar on December 14, 2010 at 6:25 PM said...


You are right, society is full of lies. however, as a domina from Middle East, now living in US, I see how you can't even imaging how much harder the situation could be, as it is in eastern world...

It is definitely not your problem! however worths to think about sometimes...

There, BDSM is taboo. Homosexuality is forbidden. even there is no place to buy a dildo! and so, many social diseases will coming up...

This is just an example and here is definitely not as much exaggerated as there, but yet we can sometimes find same situation even here in "free lands". don't you agree? there are many people yet here that don't know anything about BDSM or such... many suffer cause of ignorance...
You are right! Dogma can come from anywhere. the pain is when society's lie become part of everyday life of people. when they addict to it and even like it... you say "Awaken and choose your own path"... but how really you could do that when it is not all in your hands? not every one has a Rosa Parks characteristic, right?...

that's a pain sometimes...

Scar on December 15, 2010 at 2:56 PM said...

How incredibly interesting.

I was directed to your blog by my Mistress as she nominated it to be of worthy reading in regards to BDSM/ Kink and D/s and felt I would enjoy it.

A little background; I'm a full time slave, and have been in the lifestyle roughly for around 8 years. I came in search for like-minded folks, others that understand the nature of my own mind.. who undergo the struggles that many others do in the same situation as I.

Your post however, has sparked something inside of me that I have not felt for a long time. Whilst reading it, it brought back a memory of a friend I once had that was quite intensely involved with activism. (A conspiracy theorist to be precise) The phrases ..awakened.. and being free.. breaking out of social restraints.. subliminal messaging/adverts/marketing .. all minus the BDSM.

At the time of spending time with said friend, I found it uncomfortable to think of conspiracy as a valid form of activity going on in the world however I did find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with the majority of the funder mental core values the activist lifestyle provides which can be summed up entirely by the last line of your blog when you apply the same values in a BDSM context.

"Remember all the lies society told throughout the ages the next time you are confronted with an implanted belief. The odds are that it doesnt work in your life. Awaken and choose your own path."

Taking everything that I have learnt to do with society. The way we are shaped and formed by lies and blind living, adapting it into the form of BDSM, freedom and personal choice as opposed to it's a conspiracy theory.. I have to say that your post has been awe-inspiring and has hit the nail on the head for me and my beliefs.

I believe that this way of communicating and seeing the world and society is a 'higher consciousness' that some people are unable to reach no matter how much they try. I have met few people who understand it, and are able to comprehend it.

That was a long winded way of explaning my thoughts but I hope you get the jist of it. I enjoyed to listen to the fluent communicative way that you analyse and present your thoughts and look forward to reading through the rest of your blog.

With regards.
Scar xx

Dennis Najee on December 18, 2010 at 4:44 PM said...

Thank you both for your comments. I agree there are different ways of looking at things and there are parts of the world it is much more difficult than here. However, we all can see how society here is just an influential as other place.

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